22 February 2009

Katie's question

Katie from Bower Power asked, "What is your favorite lens? And what do you use it for?"

I have only three lenses but the two which stay on my cameras are my Sigma 18-125mm which I use for interior shots and for studio sessions, and my Sigma 24-70mm which I use for all of my food shots and other macros and arty-farty stuff.

I love the 18-125 because it has a nice wide angle (but not too wide) and a great range - it's the lens I take on holiday with me too. Down side: it's not very fast, only achieving f/5.6 unless fully zoomed out in which case it will stretch to f/3.5 (but I seldom use it fully zoomed out).

I love the 24-70 because it stays at f/2.8 throughout its range and I get great sharpness from it too. Down side: very heavy and bulky. You can see the lenses here - the bigger one is the 24-70. Add a flash unit and the whole lot is around 6lb!

I think Sigma is a good brand and great lenses for the price. Unfortunately Canon glass is out of my budget!

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