22 February 2009

Konul's question

Konul from The Light Within Photography asked, "How do you organize your digital and print photos? Also, how do you do backups, how often and how many personal photos do you print?"

I have an elaborate system of folders. I have a folder for each year, e.g. "2009".

Then within that folder I have 12 folders, one for each month, e.g. "01 2009".

Then within each month the pictures are each named with the date (year, month, day) and title, e.g.

2009 02 15 Boys playing outside 01
2009 02 15 Boys playing outside 02
2009 02 15 Boys playing outside 03
2009 02 15 Boys playing outside 04
2009 02 18 Baking brownies 01
2009 02 18 Baking brownies 02

Those are how I organise all of the family photos. I have a separate folder for nature and food shots and they are divided into Nature, Odds, Food, etc folders and each file is named accordingly, e.g.

Cupcake 01
Cupcake 02
Vegetables 01
Vegetables 02
Vegetables 03

My pictures live on my hard drive which is periodically backed up to an external hard drive. I also upload my family pictures to my online lab (Photobox) so they are stored there too. I used to back my files up on DVD as well but gave up on that after a couple of disks came up blank a while later. I just don't trust them.

As for how many I print, I used to print and scrapbook each and every photo (or near enough). I just can't keep up with that anymore so am now in the process of creating a Blurb book (like this) for each year.

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