17 March 2009

Bragging time

I have to brag: I won these brand new shoes on eBay for £8.35 (that's $11.69).

I can't wait for them to join my red ones in my wardrobe! Here's a shot of me wearing the red ones:

More bragging: On Sunday I wore this skirt that I found in a charity shop (thrift store) and had no fewer than three compliments on it:

And last week I wore this skirt that I found in a charity shop and one of the men at church told me, "Excellent skirt, it looks really good." I was chuffed because for a man to notice fashion and actually say something about it is pretty good, right?

It totally goes to show that you don't have to spend tons to find cute things.

Now if I could actually make an effort to dress well on a day-to-day basis it would be good :oP I'm kind of in a funk right now as I don't go out much (and when I do I'm covered in a coat) so I don't make much effort and wear the same t-shirts, ratty old cardigans and alternate between the same two pairs of jeans / cords. Can't wait for warmer weather and fewer layers!!!

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