17 March 2009

Charity shopping again

I've been shopping again! I bought this ceramic shell bowl the other day and can't wait to find the perfect spot for it and fill it up with ... er ... something. Look how cute!

How much did I "shell" out for it? Just £1.99 (that's around $2.78).

Then today I went off determined to find some jeans. I've put on a bit of weight which has left me with only two pairs of trousers that still fit me (aaaargh!!!) so I needed something to tide me over while I'm losing again. I also wanted a few new pieces to look cute as the weather warms up.

All in all I spent about £30 ($42) and came home with all of this:

Perfectly-fitting, already worn-in and tumble dried jeans! Hooray!

A sheer top:

A-line embroidered skirt - I'm not sure about the side tie, I might remove it and hem the ends closed (my tops always cover the waistband anyway):

Close-up of the true colour and embroidered detail:

Sheer, floaty top:

Perfectly-fitting cream and black top with slightly ruffled sleeves and a side tie:

LOVE this white top which has embroidery, bead and sequin detailing. It's in brand new condition except for a couple of the sequins which have gone yellow - I'll simply snip them off.

The yellowed sequins:

Cute floral blouse:

Bolero cardigan - the ribbon is in a bit of a weird spot, I might take it out (it's just woven through the knit pattern) and weave it through the bottom, about an inch or two above the hemline, so it ties beneath my bust:

Funky shirt:

Embroidered detail:

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