20 March 2009

Fresh front doorstep

Grant spent ages power hosing the back patio and the front path and steps. They look so much better with the winter grime and muck hosed off! I also moved the little conifer to the space between front door and the bay window and potted up some primroses that came up in the back garden - I had to remove them from the bed so I can plant some onions.

Odd assortment of pots and plants, but it's what I had lying around.

Our dwarf fruit trees have arrived and I've potted them up. We bought a "mini orchard" from Garden Bargains - a plum tree, a pear tree and an apple tree. They are each grafted onto special root stock that keeps the tree small so they can grow in containers - how fab is that?!

The big tub in front of the trees has the raspberry canes in and the two smallest tubs hold the blueberry bushes.

I've also sowed some carrot seed and planted red onion sets. Come on summer!!

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