31 March 2009

G&J in the bedroom (ooh la la!)

I've been wanting to hang some artwork above our bed for ages but didn't quite know what I wanted. We're also on a tight budget so I didn't want to spend out on expensive new frames. Eventually I decided on monograms.

I used Photoshop to choose a typeface, create the monograms in outline mode, sized them correctly, flipped them horizontally so that they were mirror images and printed them out.

I then sprayed adhesive on the back of some silver and brown fabric I had and stuck the paper onto the fabric.

I then used some sharp scissors to cut out each letter. Some of the edges frayed a little but I quite liked the fact that it looked like fabric rather than patterened paper. This is the worst frayed bit:

I used double sided tape to stick the letters to white card and put them into frames I already had. Ta-da!

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