28 April 2009

Bush trimming

The house opposite ours is empty and has been for a couple of years. The whole of last year it bugged me that the huge hydrangea bushes in front were covered with dead flowerheads:

Last summer the bushes bravely tried to bloom but the dead flowerheads prevented a really good show. Eventually I got sick of looking at it and happened to catch one of the owners (who are investors in dispute with regards to turning the house into apartments) and asked him if I could deadhead the bushes. He gave the go-ahead so a few days ago I set to with my secateurs.

Here you can see the bush on the right has been dead-headed but not the one on the left:

And after: what a difference! At least I don't have to look at dead flowers every day and should get a nice show this summer. I plan to take some hydrangea blooms as cut flowers - I've earned it!

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