13 April 2009


Hope is the sunrise as the dawn is breaking
and the buds of spring as nature is waking

Hope is the first drop of precious rain
when the earth in the vice of a drought has lain

It’s the very first stitch in the weaver’s loom
or the very first heart beat of a babe in the womb

Hope is promises and rings and vows
and prayers that are murmured as the head bows

Hope was the star that told of His birth
that bid men goodwill and peace on the earth

Hope was the boy unlike any other
His heritage divine, still he honored his mother

Hope was the young man who learned a trade
though His mission on earth would not see Him paid

Hope was the Master who healed the ailing
who took away grief and pain and wailing

Hope was the God who knelt in pain
who submitted Himself and on the cross was lain

And hope seemed lost on that long dark night
as He commended His soul and gave up the fight

But hope beamed again along with the dawn
as the Savior revived, His life reborn

Hope can be fragile or sure as the sun
but it sustains us until this earth race is run

Hope is a thing not simply described
but is easily distinguished when in the heart it resides

Let it calm you and free you and dry your tears
take a leap of faith in spite of your fears

Hope is the feeling that makes the heart sing
open your heart and let the hope in.

The author of this amazing poem? My very talented and awesome cousin Dianne.

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