25 April 2009

Mr Handsome can now see!

Unfortunately short-sightedness runs quite strongly on my side of the family. I got off lightly, only needing glasses in my early twenties. My eyesight deteriorated to -1.25 on each side, then has strengthened again to just -0.5. I don't wear glasses except when driving at night, especially if it's raining.

I asked Daniel recently if he could see the whiteboard at school well enough and he said that it wasn't always very clear. We were walking home from school at the time and as cars approached us on the road next to us I asked him to tell me when he could clearly read the licence plates. It was a slightly later than I could, so I booked him an appointment with an optician.

His eye test revealed that he is indeed slightly short-sighted and he now has glasses for distance - luckily his sight isn't too bad and he doesn't need to wear them constantly. But look how handsome he is in his new specs!

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