21 May 2009


I feel like I've neglected my poor blog lately. I am so distracted right now, I can't even come up with a coherent post so here it is in bullet points.
  • Grant's parents are still with us, although they will be leaving late Sunday night / early Monday morning.
  • I'm busy with a decorating project and will post it as soon as it's done, so watch this space!
  • I am ready to throttle the cat who keeps on coming into our garden and using the vegetable bed as a litter box - who wants to grow food in a litter box?? And who wants to keep planting things because the stupid cat scratches up the seedlings while it's doing its business? GRRR!!! We've tried putting down pepper which seems to help except that we've had a lot of rain lately so it's all been washed away. GRRR!!
  • Grant and I went here, which was enjoyable, and he made me go on this, which was NOT. Watch the video and see the scariness. And then be impressed at how brave I was :oP
  • I went back to Weight Watchers and was SHOCKED AND APPALLED at my weight. Seriously. Am stunned into action and have turned over a new leaf. (Thankfully I am still within Gold Member range so don't have to pay, but that will change soon if I don't put the brakes on my eating.)
  • We had my friend Taryn (who I met when I started Primary School, oh, 27 years ago) and her boyfriend Kent to stay for a couple of days. They live in New Zealand, so we had fun grilling them for information. Taryn never.ever.changes. Seriously. She looks exactly the same as she did in high school. It's uncanny.
  • They were houseguest 11 and 12 of the year. I'm not even kidding.
  • As much as we've loved having everyone to stay, I am looking forward to having the house to ourselves and getting my head straight and back into routine.

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