7 June 2009

Natural highs

This topic came up on a message board I visit. You know that *high* or buzz that some things give you? I get that natural high from:

- Organising and decluttering
- Cleaning ... well, not the actual cleaning but having a spotless house
- Getting a great bargain
- Finishing a craft or DIY project that turned out exactly right
- When my children do something obediently and cheerfully the first time they are asked
- When my kids do something responsible without even being asked
- Getting lots of comments on my blog
- Having alone time
- When all four of us (Grant, me and the boys) are hanging out together or doing something together and it's just sweet, perfect family time - it makes me so happy
- Being in nature with nobody else around except the people I am with (e.g. if I've gone on a hike with friends or family)
- Having my feet rubbed

So what gives you your high? I know you know of the buzz that a great bargain can give you!! what else floats your boat?

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