2 July 2009

Gate fix

You may have noticed in previous pictures that the gate at the back of our property was a metal one that anyone walking past through the public alley could see through - here you can see it behind the trampoline:

Since we sometimes all hang out on the trampoline in the evenings as a family (in our pyjamas) we decided to create a little more privacy. I didn't want to block the sun so I came up with the no-spend idea of using two clear plastic sheets (which came out of big 30x40 inch Ikea picture frames) and some frosting film that we had lying around in the cellar. We used the frosting film on the plastic sheets, drilled holes and attached the sheets to the gate at around eye level. Voila, instant view block from anyone walking past:

One day Grant saw the cat that's been doing its business in our garden was on our property and Grant approached it. He said it froze, crouched and looked frantically for an escape route. Since Grant was between it and the gate, it eventually managed to jump up onto the fence with difficulty and escape that way. Grant realised that it has trouble climbing and jumping so we decided to block up the back gate in hopes that it would find another, more convenient garden to mess in.

We bought a cheap straw screen and added it to the gate with bricks along the bottom. Fingers crossed, we haven't seemed to have a problem since.

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