7 July 2009

Photography lesson

On Saturday we had a Stake Enrichment meeting all about family history. (For those who don't know, a Stake Enrichment meeting is where all of the women from the church in our area, pretty much the whole of north Lancashire, get together for about four hours of learning / crafting / discussion on a theme). There were classes on journal jars and journaling, one-on-one tutorials on genealogy, a basic scrapbooking lesson and hands-on scrapbooking and then my two classes: Taking Better Photos, and Blurb books, both of which I repeated twice.

I'd be happy to share my photography lesson here if anyone is interested. It will be a bit of work to resize and upload the pictures and create a post of the lesson (or the different sections of the lesson possibly broken down into separate posts) so I only want to do it if there's enough people interested. Please post in the comments if you'd like to see the lesson and I'd be happy to post it.

It covers basic composition principles, zooming and perspective and how to take better photos of people, places and events.

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