13 July 2009

Table bargain

The front room, which used to be my photography studio, is currently used as our office and my craft room. I scrapbook on a tiny cheap and ugly Ikea table. I've been wanting a bigger table for a while but didn't want to spend much on it since we'll only have to get rid of it when moving to New Zealand.

I had a look on eBay for tables near me and bid on this one. It's apparently 5 foot and can seat 6 (and apparently the crooked leg at the back is only because they didn't want to screw them all in for the pics):

Guess how much I won the auction for. Go on, have a guess.

99 pence. That's practically free!!

I hope to collect it (it's 5.6 miles away) sometime this week. I'll pay for it on collection; I'll probably give the seller £1 and tell them to keep the change. I'm generous like that.

I will probably finish it to match my desk. If it turns out anything like my desk I might end up loving it enough to tote it halfway across the world with us! Woohoo, here's to projects and bargains!

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