13 August 2009

Norway trip 5

My mom and Chris's house backs onto a road with a railway track right next to the road. If you cross both you are on the shores of the fjord. Here's an aerial view (taken 2 yeas ago) from the top of the cliff behind their house:

On Wednesday evening we enjoyed playing at the water's edge for a while. The lighting in these pictures looks weird because the sun is low as it approaches evening and the cliff is casting a shadow across the shore while the rest of the fjord is in sunlight.

On the shore, facing back towards the house:

You can see the house on the left and you can just make out Grant in a coral t-shirt sitting at the end of the dock on the right:

Daniel was a natural at canoeing:

There is a small waterfall coming down the cliff and the stream empties out into the fjord here:

We explored an ancient abandoned house a little way down the shore:

Noah discovered how much fun throwing rocks into the water is and promptly became obsessed for the next few days:

Chris and Grant chat at the dock:

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