14 August 2009

Norway trip 9 (last one!)

On our last day in Norway (well, the day before we left) we went back to the park and had another picnic. Daniel and Grant swam. Daniel can swim without aid but he felt more relaxed with the lifejacket on. To be honest, so did we as he's still a fairly new swimmer.

Grant and Daniel watched these two boys who were fishing for crabs. They found mussels, opened them and attached them to a clothespin at the end of a fishing line. The crabs grabbed the mussels and the boys could pull them out and put them in a bucket. Chris, my mom and the boys tried it later with great success (they threw the crabs back afterwards).

And that's about all I have to show you, photo-wise anyway. I didn't take pictures of everything we did. You know what they say - you know you've had a good time when there are no photos; you've been having too much fun to take pictures.

Grant did do some video recording though, so I'll try to post some of those.

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