5 September 2009

Noah's first day of school

Noah started school yesterday with a half day, attending from 1:10pm - 3:20pm. When I made Daniel's packed lunch in the morning I packed one for Noah too as he was dying to use his new lunchbox even though he was eating lunch at home:

Mmm, homemade bread roll with ham in, cheese cut into star shapes, grapes, home baked sugar cookies with sprinkles and a carton of apple juice for a treat (I usually pack water but the rest is pretty standard).

After lunch he raced upstairs and changed into his new school uniform even though it was still too early.

So handsome!

And so eager to leave for school!

He was very excited to go into his classroom and didn't even glance back over his shoulder. I can't believe my baby is in BIG SCHOOL!

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