20 October 2009

New Zealand update

I have mentioned in previous posts our intention of moving to New Zealand. Finally I have an update on that - at the end of September Grant sent in his application to the police force in New Zealand and today we heard back that he has passed through the initial application stage! The next step is for him to fly out there for 2-3 weeks for all of the testing. He's hoping to do that in January. Once has passed that phase we will have to put our house here on the market and apply for Permanent Residency. Once our house sells we will move into a small flat so that we are ready to go when our PR comes through (they give you 3 months to come over).

There is a shortage of police in New Zealand and they are wanting to fill 300 positions in South Auckland by the end of next year. We're hoping Grant can fill one of those positions. In the meantime we have been doing lots of research and making our plans. We have decided to live in Pukekohe but we don't know where exactly Grant would be stationed. Once we know that we'll check how long his commute would be and possibly have to decide on an area closer to his work.

Thank you to my friend Amanda and my cousin Kyle (also a cop in South Auckland) who has helped us with our research! Can't wait to see you guys over there next year.

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