22 October 2009

Picture perfect - the boys' bedroom

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The boys' bedroom (9)

Since we didn't paint the boys' bedroom (it's cream) and they have white furniture and curtains I added colour with the bedding and pictures.

Above the radiator is a grouping of four frames - these are also Ikea Ribba frames but they were all different colours. I spray painted then white and added photos of the boys and photos I took of their artwork (click here for details).

Above the chest of drawers are two ultra-cheap frames from Ikea that I painted white. I added some colourful scrapbooking paper and a 5x7 inch print to each.

There are three frames at the end of the boys' bunk beds:

I bought them in the reduced price section of TK Maxx for next to nothing. Two of them were brown and one was caramel-coloured and all were scuffed. I painted them with acrylic paint and added some photos of the boys with their grandparents.

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