21 October 2009

Picture perfect - landing

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Landing (4)

I don't think I've ever posted pictures of our landing before. Here's a shot upward as I started ascending the stairs from the hallway - you can see the bathroom at the top of the stairs and you can just make out the corner of the pictures on the half landing:

Here's a shot from the bedrooms, facing back towards the bathroom and half landing:

Those three framed pictures are photographs I took when I first started out with photography. I still love them. The top one is of Noah in a flowerpot, you can see his chubby rolls and he has some drool dripping off his chin. Then there's a sweet one of the boys together, and then a photo I adore of Daniel looking so serious - you can see every detail of his exquisite eyes. He has the most incredible eyes ever.

The frames are 20x20 inch Ribba frames from Ikea, in oak.

The piece of wall between the boys' room and ours has a random light switch almost in the middle of it, but not quite. It's very annoying - I can't hang anything there.

Here's the wall to the right of our bedroom door, where the stairs continue up to Grant's parents' space. Those round things are the boys marble charts (click here for details - I've since removed the ribbon and they just hang on little nails) and then there is a pine frame with an old family photo. I would redo this bit but there's no real point since we're moving (I promise to do a New Zealand update post soon!)

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