27 December 2009


What a wonderful Christmas we had. I can only hope yours was as lovely as ours. The children woke us up at around 7am and opened their stockings on our bed. Then we headed downstairs for presents and breakfast and then Grant went back to bed as he's been on night shift.

During the morning I sat down at the kitchen table to read a magazine and glanced up to see the kids playing happily with their new things. I was suddenly so keenly aware of how blessed we are and how much we have - good health, beautiful children, a warm home, reliable employment, food in abundance, the means to spoil our kids a little at Christmas ... right down to fresh water anytime we want it, we just have to turn a tap. I was hit with a wave of gratitude so intense it brought tears to my eyes. I am so thankful for all we have been so richly blessed with.

We enjoyed a delicious late lunch of roast chicken, beef and pork, roast potatoes and parsnips, peas, corn, carrots and green beans and gravy. I forgot to cook the little sausages in bacon (pigs in blankets) and stuffing balls, but they weren't missed. I'll add them to a meal today or tomorrow.

I had done a newborn session for a former client (I did her previous maternity, newborn and then later her baby's 1-year photos) on the 23rd and last night Grant picked up an extra shift last night at double pay - I'm so grateful we are able to start building up our savings again. Grant had to pretty much clear our meager savings out for his New Zealand trip in January. The plan ticket was extortionate and then there's the added expense of car hire (also extortionate) and money to get around.

Today we have hung out at home, Grant was asleep again. I took down the Christmas tree and packed away the decorations and vacuumed everywhere. I asked the boys if they wanted leftover roast dinner for lunch (I make lots because we love the leftovers) but they wanted something else. It surprised me because Noah especially polished his food off yesterday, he loved the food. Anyway, I then sat down with my own roast dinner while they had something else and Noah indignantly asked me, "Why don't we get that?!" Silly boy! Oh well, he can have some for supper tonight!

The boys are on holiday for the whole of this coming week, returning to school on the 4th. We're enjoying our time at home. I hope this finds all of you happy and well!

P.S. Here's a little tip for you when packing away your Christmas lights - wind them around a sheet of cardboard for easy unraveling next year.

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