6 December 2009

Crisis averted

For a little while the mirrored cabinet in the ensuite has been bothering me.

Why? Because the left hand door started swinging closed almost as soon as you open it. It never used to do that. It's a pain when reaching in the cabinet for things when getting ready in the morning.

Then, yesterday when I was cleaning the bathroom I reached into the cabinet for the toilet cleaner. Something rang a little alarm bell in my head - the cabinet just felt different ... and I thought I heard the faintest of sounds. I pushed on the cabinet a little and something just felt a bit off. I stepped back and looked at the cabinet and realised that it was hanging slightly skew.

Grant and I immediately unpacked it and removed it from the wall. This is what the left hand screw hole looked like - absolutely normal, rawl plug still in place:

But this is the right hand side - it had started ripping from the wall:

I can't believe we almost had another wall-cabinet-falling disaster!! And it would have killed or severely injured whoever was sitting on the toilet at the time, and/or smashed the glass shower enclosure in the process! I am so grateful that I felt / heard / sensed something before it happened.

We now have to reinforce the current holes and add more brackets to hang the cabinet from - 6 instead of the usual 2, just to be sure.

While the cabinet is off the wall I have the chance to show you my new jewellery organising system: 3M Command hooks stuck to the sides to hang my necklaces and hoop earrings. They are removable without damaging the surface. You can hardly see them when the cabinet is hung.

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