23 December 2009


I've been feeling so cheerful and festive lately, more so than I have in ages - in fact, I can't remember a past Christmas when I felt so relaxed and enjoyed the festive season so much, in a contented, calm, low-key way - no rushing around and doing lots of things. Then it hit me - it's the first time in 6 years that I haven't had a business to run at the same time. The last four years saw me dealing with photography clients (busy time of year for that) and the two years before was when I had my online scrapbooking store.

It's been absolute bliss to just be able to potter around and focus on home and family! It even snowed this weekend. We had a lovely time in Cheshire visiting our friends John and Sharon and their daughter Georgie, and then visiting Laura and Tim as well. It snowed down there and the kids loved playing in it, and then when we returned home yesterday we saw that we'd had some in St Anne's too, although it was getting slushy and melty. Then it snowed again today, how fun! Except that all of the slushy melty snow froze and it's treacherous out there.

But we're warm (-ish) and cosy indoors and the kids have been playing nicely and Grant has been snoozing (he's on night shifts this week but off for Christmas) and I've been pottering around getting the house clean and neat and even doing a craft project and having some time playing Boom Blox Bash Party on the Wii.

I'll post some pictures soon, but for now here's me wishing you peace and warmth and comfort and joy at this special time of year.

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