18 December 2009

Organising question 4

Sonja from One Step Away said, "We are planning a new kitchen. I would like to incorporate some of my photography on one wall (above lower cabinets) along with some floating shelves and backsplash. I need it to look "kitch-y", artistic, yet not cluttered. Any ideas on how to incorporate some jars of stuff, or baskets, or some other kitchen stuff with photos? We are planning antique white shaker cabinets, medium dark hardwood flooring, saddle brown quartz countertops. We just really want fewer upper cupboards and some art that fits the style. ... Your kitchen inspirations gallery is wonderful!! I've found quite a few ideas in there to help me with decisions."

Well, Sonja, that's about all I can suggest - looking through lots and lots of photos. You'll start to get an idea of what you really like - pictures in all matching frames? Black and white photos? A mixture of frames and sizes? Lots of crockery or only one or two pieces? Some plants? Candlesticks?

Then you need to gather all of your items together and spend some time just trying different configurations until you happen upon a look you like.

Your new kitchen sounds wonderful, I can't wait to see it when it's all done!

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