11 January 2010

First test passed

Emails from Grant:

"I passed the swim test!! just gave it my all and swum it in 42 seconds, (had to do it below 54).then treading water for 5 min was quite difficult cause i was tired from the swim, but managed. and duck dive for brick was v easy.
i keep waking every 2 hours for some reason, oh well.
meeting michelle from recruiting today at 3 to show all my certificates and get the low down on the rest of the testing."
I had remarked that everything sounds very expensive there, he said:

"i'm obviously just buying what i see and not shopping smart, amanda says she waits for specials and then stocks up on an item. plus we don't buy beef steak over in uk cause too expensive, so will be same here, but wanted to taste nz beef, and its better than uk beef. but we are spoilt in uk for clothes i think, cause we have the cheaper options like tesco and matalan."

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