15 January 2010

News, finally!

After being on tenterhooks all day again I did actually manage to sleep - except when woken by Noah in the early hours. He is ill with fever and stuffy nose.

I had my mobile phone next to the bed, expecting Grant's call and was puzzled when I woke up this morning, having received no phone call still. Turns out he'd tried phoning on the house phone (ringer is always off on the upstairs phone) and left a message, as well as emailed the following:

"i tried ringing you, obviously deep asleep. i failed the maths but i am able to do the rest of the testing whilst i am here, thank goodness ... and then i will be able to do the maths in england after i wait the required 4 months (she said it could cost a couple of hundred pounds, as they have to pay for someone to supervise the test).

"next problem is that this new lady i am speaking to, Jacinda, who is my recruitment specialist says i will have to complete the 4 hour defensive driving before i can be put on the waiting list for training, so i will need to try and do it while i am here, but just doing a quick check on internet now, it seems like most courses only start in feb, will have to ring around next week. it's about a 4 hour course and is only theory based and consists of:

* Searching (eye scanning)
* Assessing (hazard identification)
* Reducing risk (risk management)

"The frustrating thing is that I did all that in my 2 week driving course in the police.

"so i have my physical test on monday evening. obstacle course thursday morning then interview after. then she is still booking me on scope (out on patrol) hopefully thu, fri, sat, sun."

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