26 January 2010

No real news

Grant has passed his computer and typing test and has finally been able to relax a bit. In his words:

"She said all looks fine, just waiting on:
- Maths resit...said I could contact her after 3 months [that's one month fewer than the original 4 months they had said, so that's good!] if I was ready and arrange resit.
- 4 feedback forms from SCOPE from the staff I went out with. One will be from Kyle [my cousin, who he went out on shift with], so I know I will get one good one at least. ha ha
After I pass maths, she will contact my HR to check I have no proceedings against me. And also contact my references at police and Uni.

"She still can't give me any indication for timing, she did say there are quite a few Europeans sitting on the waiting list, but at moment recruitment seem to be taking females and ethnic minorities first, so could be on waiting list for while."

We are rethinking our decision to stay in Pukekohe and he's been exploring Hamilton. It's where we originally wanted to live (Hamilton or closer to Cambridge) but it means a long commute. We're deciding if it's worth it for a year or two. It's a bigger city, more rural area and we'd get more house for our money both renting and buying. I guess it depends on where he will be stationed.

We can't wait for him to get home - only 2 more sleeps! Daniel has been emotional and anxious, and Noah has too - they had to bring him to me in church because he wouldn't stay in Primary and today his teacher had to physically wrestle him off me while he was kicking and screaming. Lovely way to start the day. (Can you tell I am feeling really fed-up?)

I had a lovely visit with my friend Karen on Saturday and today I'm off to visit my friend Rachel in Preston. Thank goodness for friends!

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