30 January 2010

Noahism and Grant's home

Noah is the king of "Are we there yet?" in the car on long trips. Last night I was driving to the airport and trying to work out if we'd be there in time in the traffic. I said aloud, "We should be there in about half an hour."

Noah pipes up, "You don't need to tell me that - we're there when we're there."

I had to laugh, especially when ten minutes later he's asking, "When are we there?"
I told him, "Noah, we're there when we're there."
He replied, "Hey! That's what I said to you!"

In the end we were a bit late to fetch Grant, due to horrible traffic, which meant that he was waiting at the quick drop-off zone and I could pick him right up and head home without having to park and go into the terminal. More horrible traffic and all in all I'd been driving for four hours by the time we finally made it.

IT'S SO GOOD TO HAVE HIM HOME!!! He really is my other (better) half. It's always amazing to me that in this whole wide world full of people I could find the one I love so much ... and that he loves me back. It really is a miracle.

Speaking of miracles, we've had 2 viewings in the Preston house this week and both potential buyers want to come back next week for second viewings so here's hoping we sell soon! Our tenants move out in about a week's time.

I wanted to thank everyone who has been praying for us, who has phoned and emailed and commented here on my blog while Grant has been away. I've felt very loved and supported and I'm incredibly grateful.

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