15 January 2010

Noah's taking strain

The school phoned me today and asked me to fetch Noah. He had a pain in his side and was very clingy and weepy. He was so pitiful when I picked him up and cried miserably the whole way home. When we got home I just sat and cuddled him for ages and talked to him. I made sure he knew Daddy was coming home and that he were okay. He said he was missing Daddy and feeling lonely when he thinks of him. Poor guy, I've been so stressed and carrying on with everything that needs doing that I haven't taken the time to make sure he's okay and understands what's going on.

He said that's why he didn't want to speak to Grant on Skype this morning, it upset him because he misses him too much. He was better after we talked and was quite cheerful but just now he said he had a pain in his stomach. Poor mite, I'm sure it's just anxiety. It will be so good when we are all together again.

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