2 February 2010

Baby quilt

When I visited my friend Karen last week Saturday I was so inspired by her quilts that she's working on that I came home and hauled out my fabric the very next day. I pulled together the bits of fabric that I had that would work together and made the front and back of the quilt and fastened it together with buttons, with a fleece blanket inside instead of batting.

On Wednesday I was out with a friend and I bought some fabric to bind it with and yesterday I finished the binding. I love this colour combination - aqua, raspberry red, pink and touches of white, and the cupcake fabric makes me smile.

My cousin is due to have her baby soon and if it's a girl she'll be getting this quilt. (If it's a boy then I need to bind the high-contrast playmat that I made a while ago - he'll receive that.)




Detail on the back:

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