26 February 2010

Fun facts at lunchtime

I'm not the best mother in the world - in fact, I don't think anyone is. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. But occasionally I have flashes of brilliance that make my children happy and make me feel like a good mom - this is one of them. (Notice how I don't blog about yelling at my kids, hmmmm?)

Daniel is our little "geek". He is sensitive and smart, loves reading, drawing and is interested in nature and creatures and facts. He adores museums and enjoys documentaries. His favourite thing about Cheese Strings (which I seldom buy) is that each one has an interesting fact on the wrapper. So I thought he'd love to have a little factoid in his lunch box each day.

Before the school year started I looked up some facts on the internet, printed them out on coloured paper and cut them up. They now sit in the kitchen cabinet in this little Ikea plastic tub ...

... with some tape:

Each morning when I make the kids' lunches I tape one of the facts inside the lid of Daniel's lunch box:

Here is today's fact:

He loves them! And he loves sharing them with his friends at school too. And I love that he's learning a little something (and so am I, when I make his lunch). And other than the time it took to print and cut them, which I did while watching a show on the internet, it doesn't take any extra time to do this for him.

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