22 February 2010

I'm still here

Sorry I haven't blogged this week. For the first three days we were away visiting my friend Rebecca and her family. It was so nice to see them, to get out of routine, to chat and to visit her Weight Watchers meetings (she's a leader). I came away feeling so motivated and focused and on track with WW. I realised that I just hadn't been getting that from my current leader so I'm going to try another meeting and see if it helps me to stay focused.

Other than that we haven't done much, just a walk to the beach on Friday. I've signed up for a 10-week course starting in April - Certificate in Counseling Concepts (I'm really excited). It snowed again today but has melted (thank goodness). I don't think I mentioned that our house is on the market and there is a viewing on Monday afternoon so tomorrow I'll be getting everything spic and span. So ... nothing exciting happening here, really.

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