9 March 2010

Neat Ideas

I had a lovely weekend scrapbooking with my friend Karen, so no "what I wore to church" post this week. No layouts to share either since I haven't photographed or scanned them. But I had a fabulous time and we managed to demolish a large banoffee pie between the three of us (Karen, Grant and me) - I'm not sure that I want to look at the scales at Weight Watchers tomorrow!!

I wanted to share my new venture here - I've decided to put up a website for my organising business. I had originally planned to launch it in New Zealand but then I thought what the heck, it costs so little to put up a website and if clients call then great, if they don't then it's fine. So here it is (CLICK HERE launch the site):

(I wanted the name Neat Freak, since most people think I'm a freak for getting excited about organising when they just feel completely overwhelmed, but there's already a Neat Freak professional organiser in New Zealand and since it's a small pond I didn't want to duplicate that name.)

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