3 April 2010

Magic asparagus

The other night I served lightly steamed asparagus spears with our dinner. I only put one on Noah's plate as I wasn't sure he'd eat more than that. He didn't want to eat it at all, but we reminded him of the rule that he had to have one bite, so he bit the tip off. He got distracted by something and looked away and on the spur of the moment I quickly switched his asparagus with a whole spear. His little face was priceless when he looked back at his plate! We told him that it was magic asparagus and the tip grows back once you've bitten it off.

He bit it off again and before long got distracted again so I quickly switched it again with a whole one. When he spotted the whole, intact spear on his plate his little eyes nearly bugged out!

We actually did this about 6 TIMES! It was so funny, we were trying so hard not to laugh and Noah was getting more amazed and exasperated! In the end we told him that he couldn't just bite off the tip, it would keep growing back - he had to quickly eat the whole spear, so he did. He never figured out that we were switching the spears and honestly still believes that asparagus tips grow back if you bite them off.

(Come on, admit it: one of the reasons we have kids is for our own entertainment!!)

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