19 April 2010

What I wore to church today

Have you ever wondered why I do these posts? If you haven't then rest assured, others have. I do them for a number of reasons, none of them being that I am a fashionista. (I actually am very fashion challenged and have to spend time studying the way other people put together outfits to try to learn how to create my own. And now that I've typed that sentence I realise how sad that is.) So, here are my reasons:

1) I really only pull myself together and make a real effort to polish up once a week so I might as well document it.

2) If I am stuck for what to wear in future I can look back for ideas.

3) Looking at the photos I can see better what actually works and is flattering, and what just works in my head when I'm looking in the mirror (but doesn't work in real life).

4) I have been inspired by other bloggers posting what they wear so I thought I'd give a little back.

5) Some people are wary of buying colourful shoes as they don't really know how to wear them or wonder how much wear they would get out of them - I like to show how I wear my colourful shoes.

6) I like to show that most of my clothes are from outlet stores, bought on sale, charity shops (thrift stores) or off eBay - you can buy cute things for very little money.

7) Because it's my blog and I can!

So without further ado, here's today's outfit:



I used a little green shimmer makeup (along with brown) for some spring sparkle.


Cardigan: eBay (new)
Cream top: Can't remember
Brown and cream tweed skirt: Next outlet store (on sale - £4)
Shoes: Asda
Green glass necklace: Matalan (on sale)
Bracelet: can't remember

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