5 June 2010

Approved Foods

I found out about Approved Foods through Prima magazine. Their site explains what they are about:

"We are the UK's BIGGEST online sellers of clearance, short-dated and out-of-date approved food and drink. Our product range consists of over a 1000 lines coming from all around the world and this increases daily so you are sure to find something you like when you visit. We sell lines that have been discontinued, in older packaging, trial lines and lines from discounted manufacturers."

I really like the fact that they keep food out of landfill, where it would normally be wasted. Note that the dates mentioned are the best before dates, NOT the use by dates. The food is still safe to eat even if it's "out of date"! Each product page on the website shows the date so you can make an informed decision.

I hopped on over to their site and placed my order. As you shop there is a tally as to how heavy your parcel is - you pay £5.21 for up to 28kg of food. The total weight of my order came to about 12kg, I think.

I placed my order on 31 May and received it today (4 June). They texted my mobile phone yesterday to say it had been dispatched and they gave me a tracking number. I also got an email last night saying it would arrive today.

This is the size of the box that the courier delivered:



Inside it everything was very well packaged. The plastic containers of fruit were wrapped in cardboard and the glass peanut butter jar was well wrapped in bubble wrap. The bread flour packets were sealed in thick plastic - so I can throw them straight into the freezer.

Some of the product packaging is not in English (e.g. the Betty Crocker cake mix and Jordan's cereal).

Only one item that I'd ordered (Ryvita cirspbread) was out of stock. You do have the option to state that you're happy to accept substitutes but I declined when ordering so nothing was sent in place of that product.

You also have the option, when ordering, to check a box saying "show in date products" in which case you won't even be shown items that are past their best-by date.

Here's what was in my box:


My order totalled £20.64 including delivery. If I'd bought these items in-store it would have cost me £41.66! Here's a breakdown of what I bought, how much I paid and what the dates on the items are:

Osem Bissli Taco Snaks 70g
Store price 79p
I paid 29p
Dated 01 June 2010 (3 days out of date)
Tasted them and they are fine, not stale at all

KP Dry Roasted Peanuts 50g x 10
Store price £4.90
I paid £1.00
Dated 27 March 2010
We tasted these and they were a bit stale, but not terrible - they are still edible

Harvest Chewee 9 White Chocolate Chip cereal bars 198g
Store price £1.99
I paid 39p
Dated 01 May 2010

Jacobs Choc Gems 5 bag
Store price £1.29
I paid 89p
Dated 24 July 2010 (still in date)

Jordans Duo Fibres Nut and Honey cereal 380g
Store price £1.99
I paid 59p
Dated 09 May 2010

Beauchamp 6 toasting waffles 200g
Store price £1.38
I paid 78p
Dated 09 June 2010 (still in date - I'll throw them straight into the freezer)

SunPat smooth peanut butter 454g
Store price £2.09 (Tesco has it for £1.90)
I paid 59p (cheaper than the Tesco brand peanut butter I usually buy)
Dated March 2010
I opened and tasted it and it's absolutely fine

Kulana pure apple juice cartons 9 x 200ml
Store price £7.50
I paid £2.97 (cheaper than the Tesco value brand cartons I usually buy)
Dated July 2010 (still in date!)

Hovis strong wholemeal bread flour 1.5kg
Store price £1.99
I paid 99p
Dated April 2010 (I'll throw it straight into the freezer)

De-identified chocolate bars with caramel pieces 100g
Store price 89p
I paid 39p
Date unknown
We opened and tasted this and it was DIVINE! The paper wrapper had been removed and the chocolate was just wrapped in the foil so we have no idea what brand it is - can you identify it?


Haribo fizzy cola 175g
Store price £1.10
I paid 59p
Dated April 2010
The sweets look and feel fine - not squishy or sticky or hard - but there is a bit of sugar residue on the back of the packet as you can see in the pic below. They taste absolutely fine, not stale at all.



20 dustbin liners - 100% recycled x 3 packs
Store price £4.50
I paid £2.97 (cheaper than the Tesco brand I usually buy)

Betty Crocker carrot cake mix 500g
Store price £1.72
I paid 99p
Dated 29 March 2010 (I will either freeze this or bake it and eat it or freeze it)

McDougalls plain flour 2kg
Store price £1.25
I paid 39p
Dated April 2010
(I'll throw it straight into the freezer)

Tesco peach, pineapple and pear pieces in juice 6 tub pack
Store price £4.14
I paid 59p
Dated May 2010

Tesco pineapple pieces in juice 6 tub pack
Store price £4.14
I paid 59p
Dated October 2010 (well in date still)

Verdict: I think the savings are well worth the close dates and I was very impressed with the service altogether. I'll definitely be using them again!

Note: This is not a sponsored post! I just wanted to share something that I found. Approved Foods have no idea I am blogging this.

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