1 July 2010


So today was weigh in day (boy, the last week has gone quickly!) and I was thrilled to stand on the scale and discover that I've lost 4 pounds this week! It just goes to show the difference between the way I eat now (healthy, appropriate portions) and the way I was eating. Yikes.

What better way to celebrate than to come home and bake cake, right?! I baked cupcakes to take to college tomorrow because it's our last day on the course and also one of my classmates' birthday. Here's how they came out - the chocolate fudge icing didn't stay in pretty swirled peaks because I ran out of icing sugar so it was too soft:

White flowers on chocolate

I also made some cupcakes for the school Summer Fair on Friday. I've seen these in various places on the web so it's not my idea but I love how they came out! I baked vanilla cupcakes in the cupcake pan without papers then cut them in half horizontally. I swirled on a teaspoon of strawberry jam, then added a circle of chocolate cake that I'd baked really thin and cut with a cookie cutter. A little dollop of jam holds the fondant "cheese" in place and then a dab of chocolate icing holds the top of the cupcake on. I heated some syrup with a little boiling water to paint the top of the cupcake so the sesame seeds would stick.

Cheeseburger cupcake

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