16 July 2010

What's in Laura's bag?

Laura and I were watching some of those "what's in my purse" videos on YouTube when I was visiting, so I asked if she would do one because she has a great big bag full of the most random stuff. Luckily she agreed, so here it is - sorry about the sound quality in the last segment, my camera battery died and the charger wouldn't work so we had to switch to her camera.

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  1. I could watch paint dry as long as someone did a paly by play w/ a British accent! Really! That bag grossed me out to no end...and reminded me a little of Mary Poppins bag! Thanks for share'n! Do it again!!

  2. LOVE your accent!!

  3. Too funny!! Why a fork??? LOL xxx

  4. LOVE both of your accents! OMG, a fork, moldy food......eeep.

    What a cool post. Now it's time for YOU to charge your camera's battery and have someone film YOU doing something. :)

  5. Yeah! Let's hear it! More of the British accents!


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