27 September 2010

NZ update - Grant's file sent to HQ

Over the past few days I've been entering a funk. Yesterday was kind of a low ebb - I just felt so stressed out and emotional.

I'm so tired of living in limbo. I'm so tired of not knowing which country we'll be in in 6 months' time. I'm tired of not being able to move forward with my life.

Then, this morning, Grant came running upstairs to tell me, "It's a good day!" He finally heard back from his recruitment officer in New Zealand. She said:

"Thank you for your patience . I can gladly say that your file has been signed off and that you can look forward to receiving a provisional offer letter of employment from the Police National Headquarters that you can use to obtain Permanent Residency from Immigration New Zealand."

This is a huge step forward! We can now kind of project a timeline. Holding thumbs for spring / summer next year.

This is what I wore yesterday.

What I'm wearing today? A big smile.

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