8 November 2010

Epic update

First of all I want to tell you how grateful I am for each and every comment and email that I've received in the last few days. I am so touched by the caring, concern and kind words that have come my way. I truly count you as my friends and I can't adequately express my gratitude.

I am feeling so much better, SOOO much better. I visited my kinesiologist on Thursday and some of the things she identified and corrected were two hormones in imbalance (cortisone - hello, stress hormone - and oestrogen); also, my body wasn't admitting /absorbing / assimilating / whatever the little light available at this time of year and through my SAD light therapy light. There were another couple of issues she balanced and overall I've been feeling like a totally different person. I have more energy, I am free of that crushing depression and I actually feel physically different in my face / eyes when I sit in front of my SAD lamp. It's weird. I can feel it working in a way that it wasn't before.

I have also been eating differently. A very kind reader emailed me with support and suggestions and I decided to try starting my day carb-free. I had a cheese omelet on Saturday morning and did you know, I was actually free, totally free, for the first time in I don't know how long, of any carb cravings all day. I stuck to carb-free foods all of Saturday and Sunday - I didn't even have chocolate at Choc & Chat but the miracle is that I didn't want it! I am not planning on eating carb-free for long, but right now I am enjoying being free of carb / sugar addiction (and I am not exaggerating, it was proper addiction) without any withdrawals or cravings. I still can't believe it's even possible. I never would have thought it was possible and I'm elated that I am free of those ties, those desperate cravings that have been controlling me. I will slowly introduce fruit and complex carbs into my diet and then begin eating on the Weight Watchers plan as it's healthy, balanced and teaches appropriate portions and it worked for me before.

I know my pictures don't show it (due to careful posing / editing / selection) but I have around 30lb to lose before I look and feel healthy and am at a healthy BMI for my height. I did it once before and have gained almost all of it back. I carry most of my weight around my middle which is the most health-dangerous place to carry it, increasing risk of heart disease and diabetes. With a strong family history of stroke I can't afford to be overweight, even by "only" 30lb. So I need to do this. At the very least, I need to stop gaining!

Okay, moving on. On Friday I helped a friend bake - she has a cupcake and cake business but hates baking! Her skill and passion lies in the decorating but as the cupcakes are the "bread and butter" of her business she needs to bake every day. You guys know how much I love baking! So we're a match made in heaven. Unfortunately her premises are about a 45 minute drive away and although she pays my petrol costs and a little over, she can't afford to pay me for my time. Luckily I am happy to help on a voluntary basis, happy to have a purpose and something to do, and I find the baking rewarding enough. I am also able to help her with ways to streamline her procedures and business. So this is like my new little job and I'll be helping out there every week and I'm really excited. And no, we don't eat any of the cupcakes!

On Friday night we went to a friend's house for an informal Guy Fawkes night get-together, which was so much fun.

In other news, this weekend we had a viewing on our house and it went very well. I am excited for their feedback and they totally loved the house. I really, really hope they will put an offer in, but we'll see. Only time will tell.

So, that's my update - I'm doing so much better and am so thankful for you guys. I truly am. You'll never know how each and every one of your comments and emails touches me. Thank you.

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