3 November 2010

My life in bullet points

  • I'm feeling too foggy to actually write a coherent post so you get bullet points.
  • Noah is driving me up the wall with his behaviour lately. A visit to my kinesiologist hasn't helped much - I wonder if she performs exorcisms ...
  • I have a fridge standing in the corner of my living room (from the house we just sold).
  • I am loving The Hunger Games trilogy! I am onto the second book now. YOU HAVE TO READ THESE!!
  • Really struggling with depression right now. I'm guessing it's partly SAD, partly living-in-limbo, who knows if it's something else in there too. Either way, I feel sucky and am being a sucky wife and a sucky mother right now and feeling even worse because of it.
  • I am too scared to stand on the scales but I think I have regained all of the weight back that I originally lost. Which makes me feel even more sucky. Which makes me eat, because when I'm eating I actually feel good which is rare these days. Spot the downward spiral.
  • Loving Taylor Swift's Speak Now album.
  • Yesterday was our UK anniversary - we've been here for 11 years now.
  • I'm looking forward to Choc & Chat on Saturday. It's a social thing I started with the ladies from church - we just get together chat and eat some chocolate. It's a nice time to visit outside of church meetings. Daniel says, "Why don't you just call it Choc & Fat because if you all eat too much chocolate you'll get fat." Cheeky boy.
  • Still no sign of the much awaited job offer letter from New Zealand. Unfortunately a verbal offer isn't enough to take to immigration so we are still waaaaaaiiiiiiiiting and can't move forward until it arrives.
  • I'm really, really, really trying to have faith in God's timing but I'm floundering a little.
  • That's all I've got for today.

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