10 January 2011

Emigration checklist revisited

Remember this post from a year ago? Here is how the list is looking now.

Get house valued and find an estate agent or other means of selling - Preston
Get house valued and find an estate agent or other means of selling – St Anne's - have decided to rent it out
Prepare house for sale - Preston
Prepare house for renting – St Anne's - ongoing little jobs
Sell house – Preston
Sell house – St Anne's - no longer necessary
Note final meter readings when moving out

Arrange packing and shipping. Get at least 3x quotes. Don't forget local companies.
Arrange storage on the other side (preferably included with shipping)
Get rid of furniture and items that we're not taking with us
Pack - can't do, shipping co will do it for us
Make a total inventory of all of your stuff; take pictures of everything in case you can't remember what it all is
Return borrowed things to whom they belong
Reclaim items that have been lent out
Dismantle furniture that can be flat-packed
Clean and dry everything that may otherwise suffer from mildew during shipping (fridge/freezer/washing machine)
Find out which things won't work in NZ (washing machines?)
Be prepared to pay GST/bond if you haven't got residency status - will have PR

Accommodation in UK
Arrange flat to stay in
Arrange removals to flat - should be part of shipping co's service
Change address
Once we are about to embark stop bills
- Council tax and get rebate
- House insurance and get rebate
- Electricity, Gas, Water, Phone
- Car insurance and get rebate
- Mobile phone contracts
Sell car

Dental check-up
If you're with an NHS dentist, book an appointment for a years time to stay registered, and don't forget to cancel it if you stay in NZ - oh, we'll be staying in NZ
Eye test
Get any immunisations for NZ - none necessary
Make sure children's jabs are up to date

UK Tax etc
Contact DWAP about Tax credits, Child benefit, Income tax
Find out your tax/benefits position if you return to the UK

Get passport style photos
Check passports are up to date
Obtain copies of birth certificates (unabridged versions with parents names for visas)
References from banks (you will need proof that you are good payers)
References from employers
Proof of employment experience
Proof of no claims bonus on car and house insurance

Certificates of qualifications
Driving License
Medical records
Dental records
Air travel tickets
Make 2x copies of everything and leave 1x with family/friends or mail ahead to family/friends
Arrange for police checks
Get a will written when you get to NZ, to apply under NZ law. Use the lawyer conveyancing your property purchase.
Accommodation details for NZ
Bank account details
List of NZ contacts
Get a diary to note when you must do things etc

Sort shipping company
Book Flights
Find out what you can put in the hold for nothing
Ask for special migrant allowance
Travel insurance
Sort out how to get to airport (taxi mini bus)

Things to take
3 & 5 amp fuses - they are difficult to get in NZ because the plugs don't have them.
Mobile phones - make sure mobile works in NZ
Open an account with a foreign exchange company (like HiFX or xeTrade). You can also use banks like ASB.
Sort out where to invest the proceeds of the house sale (onshore or offshore). You must open accounts while still in the UK.

Bank Accounts
Change address with bank
Close all UK bank accounts - we'll need to leave one open to receive rent
Open NZ bank account
Make sure you can pay off bills on-line

Buy a laptop in the UK and set it up
Get ISP independent email account such as gmail
Get email addresses for everyone you can
Arrange for mail to be forwarded (your local post office has a form)
Give your details to family and friends
Have a leaving party
Choose your preferred NZ region
Get IRD number for everyone (get this while still in the UK)

Living in NZ
Study 'To let' sections of local papers
View properties to rent and choose one
Arrange freighted goods to be delivered to property
Get internet set up
Car rental for first few weeks - lovely friends have offered to lend us theirs
Car purchase and check credit history
Car insurance
Driving test within 12 months for NZ driving license
Get separate personal injury/accident insurance
Arrange for your phone to be connected
Choose an electricity supplier and get connected
Contents insurance for when your stuff arrives
Registering your car, you need your passport or you'll have to do it at the post office!
Choose a school and enrol kids
Buy uniforms and school supplies

Health in NZ
Health insurance for NZ ?
Register with doctor ?
Locate hospitals
Enrol kids at the local School Dental Clinic for regular checkups

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