2 January 2011

Happy new year

Happy new year, everyone! Did you have a good celebration? Did you make any resolutions?

I don't really do resolutions but I do have a few goals.

1) I want to focus (ha!) more on photography as I've become really lazy about it. I was putting together our 2010 slideshow (every year I make a slideshow set to music of photos from the year) and realised how snapshotty they are all, and how much fewer than previous years. I have really let things slide. But this year I plan to relaunch my photography business in NZ and so I am determined to make more of an effort with photography and take photos every day like I used to.

2) I aim to be at my WW goal weight by March.

3) I have yet to determine my indexing goal for New Family Search but I will set a realistic one and set out to accomplish it.

That's about all! I think the biggest reasons people don't stick to their resolutions are that they are negative ("I must stop doing ...") rather than positive ("I will ...") and they are unspecific with no deadline ("I will lose weight" rather than "I will lose X amount of weight by X date") and have no game plan. So hopefully I will accomplish my goals!

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