3 February 2011

NZ update - medical tests

Last night, when we were in the throes of dealing with the first lice infestation our kids have ever had (bleurgh!!) Grant got a phone call from his New Zealand recruitment officer. She said she had received an update from headquarters (where Grant had phoned) saying that his file is missing an eye test and a GP medical test. This all should have been sorted ages ago but got missed out by mistake.

DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED!!!!!!!!! (*deep breath, deep breath*).

Seriously. I mean seriously???

Grant quickly rushed down to work and she faxed him the forms which he need to complete. Today he had his medical test in the morning and then we both went for eye tests in the afternoon (we had planned to schedule them soon anyway). As soon as we were done he copied the forms to pdf and emailed them back to his recruitment officer.

Furious doesn't even begin to describe how I feel at this "oversight". I won't begin a rant here because I might actually get out of control. Let's just hope our lives can actually move forward now. You know, if they choose to do actually their jobs this time.

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