1 February 2011

NZ update - SA PCC are in the UK

We were getting so anxious about the police clearance certificates arriving at Grant's parents' house in time for our friend Roy to bring them back to the UK with him. Thankfully Grant's mom managed to track them down on Saturday and after jumping through some hoops was allowed to pick them up. She promptly had a bunch of certified copies made and Roy met up with her and collected them on Sunday (she kept some certified copies back), then flew back to England on Sunday evening. PHEW!! It's a relief that they are in the UK. We'll collect them from him when we drive down to London and lodge our application.

Grant phoned police headquarters in Wellington on Sunday night (their Monday morning) and was told that they would track his file down and get in contact with his recruitment officer and then get back to him. Now that we have everything else ready he is going to start putting some pressure on them - we have a window of time in which to lodge our application with immigration and it doesn't last forever!

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