25 March 2011

Asking for updates

Grant said it was rude that yesterday I wrote that I can't bear it when people ask for updates. But remember, I also wrote that I understand that people will ask and I try to be gracious about it.

The fact that I'm frustrated is not their fault.
The fact that they are the hundredth person to ask is also not their fault.
The fact that this process is taking so long is not their fault.
The fact that my life is upside down in the meantime is not their fault.

It's our own fault! We chose this journey. Sure, we didn't choose for things to take so long or be complicated, but we knew it was a possibility. And we chose it anyway.

I am so grateful to have so many people in our lives who are interested in us, who care about us, who are rooting for us. I truly am. And so I will continue to smile and answer as graciously as I can when we're asked for updates.

I only hope that soon we'll have a good one to share!

P.S. I experienced this last time we emigrated, when we moved from South Africa to England. I read back in my journals and there's one entry that says, "Don't ask me what's happening with our move to England because I'm sick of being asked about it so I don't want to talk about it!" and I'm like, that's not helpful to me now, I want to know what was going on at that stage! LOL

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