15 March 2011


I just want to say thank you SO MUCH to everyone who commented, emailed or said a prayer for me. It helps more than you know to have people who care. I am feeling a LOT better this week. Yesterday I was all alone in the house for the first time in literally months and I felt like I could actually breathe. The sun was also shining, which always helps.

Today I am making Noah's birthday cake as tomorrow is his birthday. I can't believe he is turning 6! No more little kids in this house, only big kids. Whenever I see how much they are growing or getting a year older I wail, "Stop growing, stay little!" The other day Noah asked, "Do you still love me as much now that I am bigger?" so I had to reassure him that I love him more now than ever, and explain to the boys that I don't say that they should stay little because I liked them better when they were smaller, I say it because the bigger and older they get, the closer they are to leaving me and going out into the big wide world. They get it now :)


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