24 March 2011

NZ update - still waiting

I am at that stage where I can't bear it when people ask, "Any news yet?" or "When are you going" and yet absolutely everyone is asking. I do understand that they are interested and I accept that they will continue to ask and I try to answer graciously but man, it's salt in the wound. Like going way overdue with your pregnancy and everyone asking, "When are you going to have that baby?"

Grant has been in contact with New Zealand about the job offer letter that wasn't signed. They came back saying that the 'Fixed Term Employment Agreement' that was sent to him is for his viewing only at this stage, to let him know the terms of employment. It needs to be signed in front of a District Commander, but only once they have proof of our Permanent Residency. The job offer letter is exactly what previous officers in the UK have required, to produce to Immigration for their application for residency.

So, basically, why was our immigration case officer asking for more than we provided when what we provided is sufficient?

Grant also posted his signed declaration to her and it arrived at the building and was signed for on the 16th ... yet it only reached her desk today. The 23rd. Aaargh!! ANYWAY, she emailed today to say, "I will be in contact with you soon regarding a decision."

So more waiting. And no real news. And no, we don't have a date yet and don't know when we are going, thanks for asking!!!

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