14 April 2011

NZ update - our visas have arrived

Sorry I've not been around, we've had friends visiting this week. We walked to the beach on Tuesday but Noah had to stay home (with Grant) because he'd been naughty at bedtime the night before. When we arrived back home it was to find that our passports had been delivered, complete with visas! Woohoo!

Grant had been vacuuming and had almost missed the delivery as he hadn't heard the doorbell but Noah spotted the postman and told Grant. The postman had already put the "sorry we missed you" slip through the door. Grant ran outside and luckily caught him before he drove off. Phew!

He's emailed the scan of his visa to his recruitment officer in NZ so hopefully we'll hear back WITH A DATE soon! Then we can ship our goods and book plane tickets.

In the meantime, please enjoy this video of the area we'll be moving to (and feel jealous):

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