22 April 2011

NZ update - shippers booked

I can not even begin to adequately describe how stressed I am. My entire body is tense all the time and wracked with stress. I've been so low, so wound up and so uptight lately. There is so much to organise but we can't really go ahead and do it until we know when we're leaving. Which, as I mentioned, will only be in a week's time.

So we decided to book the shippers for two days after we find out our leaving date, as there's a 99% certainty we'll be leaving early June so we want to send our stuff as soon as possible. But the shipping company told us that if we can't send our stuff then (the 1% chance) then they'll need more than two days' notice to cancel. We told them we were willing to risk our £250 deposit but they said that no, if we cancelled two days before they were booked to arrive then we'd have to pay 60% of the entire bill (which, for those wondering, is around £3.5k, excluding insurance.) Well obviously we can't afford that so even though it's a small likelihood risk we can't take it.

So the soonest we could book them for is 9th and 10th May! AAARGH!!! So even after we actually have a date we still have to sit around for a week and a half before even sending our stuff! I honestly despair of the whole process.

In the meantime my house is being slowly dismantled. Think bare walls, taken-apart furniture, boxes and plastic bins full of stuff everywhere. I'll film a video walk-through to show you the state we're living in.

Our home in this state is what's contributing most to my stress, I think. I am such a homebody and find sanctuary in our living space and I have lost that peace and comfort, right when I need it most. There is chaos and stuff everywhere I look, there is no escape from it. I can't nest and I've lost all interest in my home - since what I'm doing is home-breaking rather than homemaking. I really can't wait to start over in a new home and I swear, the day that our container is delivered in NZ will be like all of my Christmases come at once.

Speaking of religious holidays, Easter has totally snuck up on me and I haven't done a thing to prepare. Well, my parents made me wait until Easter Monday to do the egg hunt, so guess what, our Easter bunny is coming then too.

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